An Evening with the Speaker of the House of Commons, 6th November 2014 at 7.15pm

Concert with Halifax Choral Society & The Minster Choirs, Saturday 8th November 7.30pm

Today At The Minster

Saturday 25 October 2014

Morning Prayers

- 9.00 am

Daily Eucharist

- 12.30 pm

Wedding Service - 12.00 pm

WELCOME to The Minster Church of St. John the Baptist Halifax

The ancient stones of Halifax Minster have born witness to the Christian faith in West Yorkshire for some 900 years through times of great celebration and sorrow.

It’s a natural gathering space for both visitors to the town and Borough, and a place which reaches out to the people of Aachen in Germany, and Kowack Cathedral in Tanzania.

It is rich in heritage, and offers daily worship alongside a huge cultural and educational events program. It is the spiritual home to the Duke of Wellington Regiment, now subsumed into the Yorkshire Regiment.

If you’re in the area please come and visit us, and if you are looking for a community to join, volunteering opportunities, and somewhere to worship, then come and check us out!

The Episcopal Area of Huddersfield

The Right Reverend GibbsJonathan Gibbs was consecrated as the Suffragan Bishop to the See of Huddersfield in the newly created Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales on Friday 17th October in York Minster by The Archbishop of York. For further details and pictures go to:


Upcoming Events

Events Sept-Nov 2014

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