Dear all,

Autumn arrives, as the temperature begins to slowly drop, and the leaves on the trees begin to change colour. Eventually the winds will blow them down, as we prepare for winter. October brings some annual events, which help to remind us of God’s gift in creation and of the seasons in their turn, and Harvest Festival is but one particular occasion.

The Worship Vision Group has been looking at the way Holy Communion is distributed following the reordering of the front of the Nave. Currently we have tried to provide a settled period, following a substantial change to the building, with people coming forward to receive communion standing at the front, and others, who wish to kneel, making full use of the Holdesworth Chapel. There has been a request from a number of people in the community to experiment with standing or kneeling around the new dais instead of standing at the front. It has been agreed to have an experimental period beginning this month to see how this might work and what conclusions we might arrive at. I have to be honest and say I’m very relaxed about how the distribution takes place. I don’t think uniformity is the desired outcome. We all have different views about how we’d like to receive communion, and the most important thing is that we can now offer choice, to those whose spirituality prefers a standing position (which is much safer for those with mobility issues) or those who like to kneel. If 75% of the community come to front, and 25% go to the Holdsworth Chapel, then that’s fine by me, and we shouldn’t have any concerns about it, as we can be relaxed about people’s choice and integrity within the life of the community.

There are many services and events taking place in the Minster this month. Communication in the Minster is a constant challenge, and people always claim they don’t know what’s going on. The main channels for communication are: the website (now relaunched), the pew sheet (does anyone read it?), the Minster Facebook page, and this monthly letter. We hope to get the e-newsletter back up and running in the future, as it helps us stay in contact with people across the world!

Here’s an advanced notice that the Minster Autumn Dinner will be at Bertie's of Elland on Monday 14th November 7.30pm and the after dinner speaker will be Keith Madeley MBE from the Yorkshire Society and Lay Canon of Ripon Cathedral. Tickets available from the Minster Office.

Finally, Annie in the Office had some time out over the summer due to ill health. Thankfully she’s now back, but in order to help her manage being a mum and working, the Office will be closed on Wednesdays, and she will be working 9.30am – 2.30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. It would help all of us, if you are a volunteer at the Minster, and you don’t receive a rota of some kind, to simply phone and ask for one – we’ve recently had some post go missing, and some irate volunteers being rather horrible about it, which doesn’t make the Minster community look very charitable or attractive?